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This is a blog about my daily life...the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am an athlete at heart and love CrossFit. CrossFit has changed my life and I am in the best shape physically and mentally because of it. Make a difference, put others before you. Share your knowledge, and live life by learning.

I'm training under the OPT Big Dawgs "Being" program. I used to follow this program back in 2011 before I stopped training. Back on the program and feel great. Looking forward to the CrossFit Games Open.

Currently trying to spread the word of health and fitness on a small scale with close friends by doing some CrossFit in Playgrounds in Hong Kong. To promote it we started a facebook page, check it out if you have time!


Working out is my drug. I don’t party every night, I don’t get wasted, I don’t pop bottles. I WORKOUT. I push my body to its limit, then I push harder. I blast my music, I sweat, I ache, and I hate skinny. DON’T JUDGE ME. You can have all the clubs and the flashy life. I’ll take the darkness of the gym ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

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